Obama and Clinton tied with IS? According to a list provided by Anonymous

Hacker group Anonymous announced last week that effectively closed for Twitter accounts than 20,000 people associated with the Islamic State. According to the BBC today, on the list made available on the Internet by hackers, but is also, among others, US President Barack Obama and presidential candidate of the United States Hillary Clinton.

According to the BBC website, Anonymous made available a list of accounts twitterowych people associated with the IS applications Pastebin, which is used to anonymously distribute documents on the web.

The list includes, among others, however, account Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the US State Department, the White House, the New York Times, and even the BBC News.

BBC stresses that it can not be unequivocally confirm the one who put the list in your application. The text was, however, directed to a film Anonymous, in which the group announced the closure of 20 thousand. accounts of people associated with the IS.

Anonymous on November 16 reported that they spent the war you Islamic network. Representative hackers published the clip reported that the war was released digital you Islamic jihadists and every supporter and member of the Islamic State will be traced, and websites used to recruit new fighters and dissemination of propaganda will be attacked. He added that it will be “the biggest operation in history.”

Anonymous attacked ISIS

Hackers of the most well-known hacker organization in the world, which Anonymus attacked the State Islamic (ie. ISIS). Members of Anonymus after the Paris attacks, terrorists declared war on you, Islamic – began on a large scale propaganda delete profiles in social media, which were used to recruit members for the terrorist organization.

Below is a video in which hackers Anonymus declare war on ISIS (source: http://www.reuters.com/):

Now comes the main page ISIS – Isdart service (which was available in the so-called. Darknecie). Today, instead of the content posted there by terrorists, we see advertising for Viagra and Prozac and the inscription, which in free translation is “too much ISIS, check to pause.”